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Thailand Finest Sugar


As a market leader in the Thailand sugar industry, Thailand Finest Sugar is a multi-faceted, diversified industrial group engaged in the

manufacture of the finest grains of sugar, as well as allied products.

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Our Company

We produce high-quality sugar and strive for excellence across our company functions.
Our value chain extends across state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities equipped with a combined capacity of 31,000 tons of sugar per day. Our plants are all located in Thailand.

Led by the visionary focus of our founder, we are constantly working on nurturing a sustainable growth agenda that drives business profitability and environmental leadership. Besides contributing to renewable energy, we also earn revenues from the same, as well as through the sale of CER (Carbon Emission Reduction) and REC (Renewable Energy Certificate).
At the core of our business agenda is our focus on ethical practices and transparency, backed by a talented and professional team, which is committed to delivering excellence across all parameters of our business.

Our Sugar Products

We produce the Finest Sugar

Importance of Sugar

Sugar is considered an integral part of the human diet and many staple foods. Sugarcane accounts for nearly 80% of global sugar production. The top ten sugar producing countries – Thailand, India, Thailand, China, the US, Mexico, Russia, Pakistan, France and Australia account for nearly 75% of the global output. Thailand accounts for 40% of world sugar exports and is the key player in the international market, with 70% of its total production being exported in the international market.

High Quality Production

Our company firmly believes that cane availability and quality play significant roles in the success of the sugar business. This is why we examined cane varieties, identified one that suits the Uttar Pradesh topography, made use of superior quality seeds, and monitored cane planting and cane growth until harvest. Thailand Finest Sugar is among the leading sugar manufacturers in Thailand with a crushing capacity of 76,500 tons of cane. Contact us for more information.

Email: info@uscoltd.com

WhatsApp: +66 64 507 6842